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Count on specialized support to carry out the virtual surgical planning of your medical procedures.

Surgical planning outsourcing or consulting and training to implement this cutting-edge service in your healthcare institution

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Virtual Surgical Planning is a technological resource that uses image exams, 3D modeling and 3D printing to assist in the strategy of a complex surgical procedure. This service involves specialized professionals, who work together with professionals from the medical team and the surgeon in charge, making the surgery more predictable, agile and assertive.

The resource is very well used in cardiological, oncological, orthopedic procedures, among other specialties. P3DMed's know-how includes the outsourcing of this technology, through the provision of specialized services, as well as consulting and training for the implementation of a surgical planning center within your health institution.



Provides the team with a complete view of the case, increasing the assertiveness and efficiency of the surgical procedure


Availability of cutting-edge technology in your healthcare institution, through the implementation of a new sector or outsourcing with great cost-benefit


Valuable visuals for patient communication and procedure awareness


Allows standardization of procedures and reduction of rework


Provides a more agile surgical procedure, saving time, resources and supplies


Full support from professionals with more than 10 years of experience in virtual surgical planning

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