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3 practical cases and real examples for you to be inspired

Virtual surgical planning is one of the most promising trends in dentistry. Studies show that dental surgeries using planning tools can reduce the risk of implant malposition and damage to important anatomical structures by 50%. 

Want to know how to bring this technology to your office? In the 1st edition of P3DMed Talks we will talk about the application of surgical planning in practice.

Target Audiencedentists, radiologists, prosthodontists, technicians and interested in the subject of technology for health.

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Dr. Henrique Timm Vieira
Dental Surgeon - CRO/RS 22798
Specialist in Radiology and Dental Imaging
Master in Clinical Dentistry/Radiology
Doctoral student in Dental Clinic/Dental Prosthesis
Co-owner at dental and on DentalBox


Fill it out and get a bonus when you register: receive credits to export 5 virtual surgical plans on the P3Dental platform. Save BRL 499! 

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