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Basic training course in

Virtual Surgical Planning of Dental Implants

From image acquisition to file for 3D printing of the surgical guide. Learn the methodology step by step. Online course, divided into modules , for you to watch at your own pace.

Target audience dentists, radiologists, prosthodontists and technicians

Course fee : BRL 299

Teachers :

Dr. Henrique Timm Vieira
Dental Surgeon - CRO/RS 22798
Specialist in Radiology and Dental Imaging
Master in Clinical Dentistry/Radiology
Doctoral Student in Dental Clinic/Dental Prosthesis
Owner at Odontorad and DentalBox  

Elias Cantarelli Hoffmann
Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Research Line
Bachelor of Medical Physics
More than 10 years of experience in virtual surgical planning and 3D printing for the medical and dental fields
Technical Manager at P3Dmed

Image acquisition protocols

Learn in detail how to perform computed tomography and intraoral scanning for guided surgery. Receive a roadmap to apply the protocols in practice.


Surgical planning in practice

See how to deal with files, how to use specialized software and do the complete virtual surgical planning, without depending on other professionals.

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