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Who we are

P3DMed is a national company that brings state-of-the-art technology to the Brazilian market, based on the most rigorous scientific standards. Its board of directors brings together professionals with over 45 years of expertise in the health area, as well as specialists in research and development of software and innovation in the imaging medicine segment.

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Fis. Joao Alfredo Borges

Master in Medicine
Over 25 years of experience in medical imaging and software development. More than 10 years of 3D printing experience

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Dr. Osvaldo Estrela

Over 40 years of experience in medical imaging and nuclear medicine. More than 10 years of 3D printing experience

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Fis. Elias Hoffmann

Master in Electrical Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Research Line. More than 10 years of experience in medical imaging, virtual surgical planning and 3D printing

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Our portfolio of tools is dynamic and can be used in different scenarios, adapting to the needs of your healthcare institution.

Check below a summary of our suite of solutions for hospitals and count on the expertise of our consultants to help you in your decisions.

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From image acquisition to surgical guide


Papers and Published Articles

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Formulário P3DMED
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Got doubts? Contact us.

Request more information about our solutions or schedule a no-obligation conversation with one of our business consultants.

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51 3433.5156

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Medplex Santana

R. Gomes Jardim, 201. room 1109 A

Porto Alegre  I  RS  I _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb30.

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