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Your most efficient and assertive surgical planning

Discover cost-effective technologies to add value to your radiological exams deliveries, helping physicians in surgical planning and expanding patient understanding

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M3DMix is a software that allows you to visualize image exams through the use of Virtual and Augmented Reality. This makes it possible to analyze anatomical structures in isolation or together. In addition, the medical team can also add augmented reality to biomodels produced in 3D printers.

The technology works on existing devices. We install software that works together with the equipment used in diagnostic imaging medicine. 

Images are exported for viewing in augmented reality via an application on a smartphone or tablet.



Representation of structures with augmented reality, which reduces costs with 3D printing


Better understanding of 3D imaging exams


Advanced visualization tools that can assist in the preliminary study and planning of procedures


Valuable visuals for patient communication and procedure awareness


Provides the team with a complete view of the case, increasing the assertiveness and efficiency of the surgical procedure


Agility and accessibility to files on smartphone or tablet

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