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View the baby in 3D and augmented reality right on the phone

3dBaby is an application that generates, from traditional ultrasound, a 3D reconstruction in virtual and augmented reality of the baby. The technology works on several standard market devices and is a low-cost differentiator for imaging clinics.

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The software offers obstetric ultrasound clinics a  new way to present future parents with images of their baby. 

The necessary files are automatically extracted and can be opened by the free application, directly on the pregnant woman's cell phone, using an access key. Mom also receives a magic cube that allows her to visualize the baby in augmented reality, providing a unique interaction experience.

Through the app, mom can also share her 3dBaby with family and friends. 



Through the app, parents can explore the baby's physiognomy even in the gestation period.


The records are saved in the application and in this way it is possible to follow the child's development after each ultrasound performed.


The investment value for parents is low, defined according to the clinic.

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